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Good Morning

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday

 As I do every morning; I get to work a little early and head to the break room.  Today was exactly the same.  I’m part of a lucky few that head upstairs for the nearest break room, so I get a morning workout (positive).  This morning I was speaking with a gentleman as I poured my coffee.  He made small talk;

 “Good Morning, how are you?”

“I’m doing well how’s your day?”

He returns, “I’m doing so peachy.”

Then he continued

“Bet you don’t hear that often, I try to stay positive each day so I say positive things even if I don’t feel them.”


Coming back to my desk I thought about what he said.  And how saying something can impact how you feel, and a quote I read a few months back!

“Change your thoughts and you change your WORLD!” Norman Vincent Peale

 We have control over what we do each day.  How we choose to act or react defines the person we are.  Our actions are directly impacted by how we feel at the moment.  In moments of clarity, confidence, joy; we act differently than moments of frustration, annoyance, defeat.  And our feelings are directly affected by our thoughts.

Today is Thursday May 16th.

 Today make your Thoughts Happy and Change your World!

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