Positive Thursday – Victor

The secret to solving problems is to, DEAL WITH IT.

This is like a key that will unlock doors, deal with the problem;

it revolutionized my life.

-Eric Thomas

We go through life obsessing over problems we encounter.

Thinking about how these problems prevent us from happiness and success. 

The thought of the problems eventually becomes our main inhibitor of success. 

More so than the original problem.


It is an issue with our focus and self-belief.

When we don’t believe we can accomplish,

We often focus on obstacles before the start;

Which obstacle will be the one that is too much for me.

And we will find it; even if the obstacle is inferior.


Our focus should be outcomes and solutions .

When we focus on the outcome we are searching for. 

And we are aware of the obstacles we come across.

Our self-belief will rise to the challenge,

We will find a solution and we will be Victors.  

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