Positive Thursday – Two Dots

Good to be back after a month break!

Take a few moments sometime today and look at the point of your life you are current at.

Establish it, plot it down.
You are right here,
You are this happy,
This healthy,
You have whatever it is you need in this stage of your life.

Now take a look into the future..

What is it that you want in the last year of your life?
Do you know what it is you truly want?

I challenge you to start to find out what that is!

Life is not about tons of different paths,
Or tons of different experience.
Life is committing with absolute certainty to connecting two dots.
The moment you are in and the moment you give your last smile.

You draw a line from one to the other.
Everything that crosses that line is a required experience to reach that last smile.
When we chase a 100 different experiences outside that line,
searching for happiness we limit our abilities.
We limit our happiness at each moment.
We limit our chance of reaching the exact smile we should at the end.

Dan Gilbert said, “We manufacture our own happiness, we don’t chase it”

So are you happy?

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