Positive Thursday – Tea (refill)

Patient walks into an optometrist office, he is having trouble with his vision.

After telling the doctor his issues,

The doctor removes his glasses and hands them to the patient.

”Here”, he says, “ These have worked for me for years! And don’t worry, I have another pair!”

“We should be all done here the front desk will finish-up for you!”


A few months back I wrote about listening from a place of compassion.

Leading to understanding the person your are listening to opposed to being understood.

This is something I’m still working


Stephen Covey list four levels of listening most people listen from.

1.     Ignoring

2.     Pretending (Yeah, Uh-huh, Right)

3.     Selective (hearing only parts)

4.     Attentive (focusing on the words)

There is a fifth level that is often neglected.

 Empathetic Listening; listening with the intent to understand.

Finding the point of reference, that the speaker is coming from.

Not the point of reference that you are coming from.

See the world how they see it and feel it.


Diagnose Before Prescribe!

*Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephan R. Covey

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