Positive Thursday – Stature

What are you good at?

Have you ever wondered what your natural talents are?
When I think back to all my learning situations.
The ones in grade school straight though recent years,
I recall focusing on what I’m not good at; what I don’t do well.
Until the past few years it never really occurred to me that this method has its limits.

Imagine a person of shorter stature trying to jump as high as a person with a taller stature.
For the shorter person they must work harder and build more muscle to reach the heights of the taller person.
In the long term the probability is they will never jump as high.
Teaching methods will advise to continue to work on this, maybe forever.

Instead why wouldn’t a person expose and embrace their natural physical talents of a shorter stature person.
Our natural mental talents work the same way and more effective with our efforts.

A planner doesn’t want to take action right away
While an action oriented person does.
A competitive person is looking for a win.
While an achiever is looking for accomplishment.

Embrace your natural talents not your flaws and you find happiness just like the Greats have.

True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents. – John W. Gardner

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