Positive Thursday – Other Side

3444852442_f639660728_o (2)I had a unique and embarrassing situation that occurred to me the other day.

As I’m going through the situation I laughed and play it off.  Inside I’m thinking “How could I let this happen”, “Why did this happen” “This is so embarrassing”.

Then abruptly and unexpected my mindset changed and began to look at the situation from another angle.  Instead of why didn’t I do something before or why did this happen to me.

The question became “What if this situation didn’t happen” “What meaning or positive opportunity can come from this.” It already happened it can’t be changed now.  In the long run this situation just save me much more in the future then a quick embarrassment in the present.

In that moment I seized the opportunity to find the other side.  The other side is often lonely and neglected.  We tend to right away play a victim, go on the defense, close up or become shy or even deny what just happened.  We often refuse to be vulnerable for whatever hidden reason.

The other side is the side that says it did happen and this is how I will learn and grow from the situation.  The other side takes ownership, is not embarrass for their mistakes, is strong, a leader, humble, understanding, and realizes that in order to reach success you must fail many times in the process.  The other side carries no burden and is only happy!

Today don’t be in denial, or be embarrassed, or shy away from you actions or lack of them.

Today be strong, admit defeat, get up and do better from what you just learned.

“The mind is everything, what you think you become!” Buddha

Think you WILL and you SHALL!

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