Positive Thursday – Selfish

If we stopped right now and reflected back on your life; would you see differences?

Positive ones?

What investment or growth did you give to your self – month, year, decade ago.

Life is so quick, busy, and full of responsibilities.

Children, financial obligations, providing your family with needs and more.

We get stuck in the here and now and don’t have time to sacrifice for our own personal growth.

Yet wouldn’t a better you be able to provide more in a month, year, decade from now for others.

 Jane Austen, profound English author, once said, “I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle.” 

We have to be selfish – in order to provide more and more not only for ourselves but for those we impact daily.

We have to continue to invest in ourselves daily – growing in those areas that we have opportunity.

Take a chance today and create something new in you!


Selfish Behavior with Positive Intent.

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