Positive Thursday – Primary

If you dig down deeper and deeper on any topic or category, eventually you will reach two possible answers.  It isn’t always that same two; however there is only two.

Yes or No; Left or Right; Up or Down, Truth or False, Love or Fear

We don’t often go down to the foundation.  We stop at the surface not ever knowing what was the root or the primary reasoning.  Never knowing how to replicate what we want or how to change what we don’t like.

The reasons we don’t are numerous but also eventually whittled down to two reasons.  I read a article today by Erica Leibrandt.  Feel free to learn a bit more about Erica.  Her article titled 1 Question that can Help us Understand Ourselves dives into Love & Fear.

All our emotional responses and feelings are derived from love and fear.  When you realize you are coming from a place of love you create an endless garden of happiness.

Then there are moments when you respond in defense, condescending, spiteful; any form of negative reaction.  In those moments you are coming from a place of fear.  When we are coming from a place of fear; no harmony, truth, peace, or positive well-being will grow within us. Internally for those moments we are death valley.

The question, as Erica asked,

“What are you afraid of.” Ask yourself this question when you are in those moments.  Challenge yourself to grow gardens of happiness.

Ask yourself and noticed how you just began your transition to love!

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