Positive Thursday – Practice

Practice pinned on noticeboard

You ever notice the difference in the effort we exert in the same activity?

Times when you are just going through the motions
Or those times when you just don’t feel like putting in the effort
There are even times when you want an advantage so you add something you wouldn’t normally have
Then there are those times when you are trying to get your personal best or impress someone that is watching you.
That is when the game is really on.

Why does the same activity receive various efforts from us?

I was at the driving range one day, hitting golf balls.
I was fooling around hitting the golf balls in different manners, than one normally would do when actually playing.

My friend Mike came up to me and said, “Is your goal to get better at golf”
I returned, “Yes”

He replied, “Is that how you hit the ball when you are playing”
I replied, “No”

Mike replied with four words that have massive impact, “Practice how you play”

Practice how you Play!!!

In our life, it is always Game Time, every moment of it.

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