Positive Thursday – Poison

We, humans, speak from a first person narrative.

When speaking with others, our thoughts and comments are derived from our experience and feelings.  We don’t speak naturally from a point of understanding our audience.

We receive information the same way, from our point of view.

Interesting concept here.

In a conversation, two people are looking from their point of view, the speaker and the receiver.  This creates a form of misunderstanding, issues with feelings and an its all about me mindset.

If you are the receiver in a conversation take nothing personally.

Don Miguel Ruiz covers this agreement has he calls it in his book The Four Agreements.  When you received feedback or comments that are not productive or inspiring don’t take them personally.  Knowing that a person speaks from their own experiences and feelings you realize that the person is not confident with themselves.

Their comments have zero to do with you!

However if we do take it personally we are not allowing the same poison to enter into our daily lives!

Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking you are worthy. Wayne Dyer

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