Positive Thursday – Pass

The story goes..


A King demanded that the wisest of men come together and consult with each other. 

Their task; find a single passage.

That the King can counsel when he is at the Apex of Happiness

And when he is at the lowest of lows. 


The men left and counseled with each other for months and return to their King.

We have your passage our King

You can retire to this passage when you are Happy as well as Sad

This passage will give you the knowledge needed for any moment!!


What is that passage?


First a little of what I have come to understand about Happiness and Sadness. 

Both manipulate your actions and behaviors.

Both consume your thoughts.

Most importantly, both are impermanent.

Happiness nor Sadness is eternal.

In fact we often move from one to another daily.


The King took the scroll and read the passage.

“This too Shall Pass”


You see ever happy moment comes and goes. 

In those moments its our responsibility to realize it will pass,

And put all our energy into absorbing all the moments until then.


Sadness is the same, it too will pass.

It is our obligation to overcome sadness as quickly as possible. 

As we cannot be in both happiness and sadness simultaneously.

The quicker sadness passes happiness can come again. 


And it too will pass! 

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