Positive Thursday – One Degree

Amy Cuddy, a speaker that appeared on Ted.Com said,

“Tiny tweaks lead to big changes”

Simple comments always create this vast oasis of questions in my head.

Does one degree off make a difference?     Can tiny tweaks make the difference?  What tweaks have led to massive valleys of confusion in my life? and so on!

I picture a person being lost in the woods or a pilot 30,000 feet above being 1 degree off course.  Lost in the woods surrounded by all the trees everything begins to look the same. From 30,000 feet how can anyone see a 1 degree change.

Immediately being 1 degree off has no impact.  Traveling the first 30 steps or 3 miles in a plane.  A person and a plane aren’t that off course.  The starting point is still in view at that point.

However when traveling a crossed a forest or the length of the United states.

Those minuscule differences forge unplanned obstacles.

In an article by Tim Enochs, he contributed that a cross country flight 1 degree of course

Leads to 40 miles off target.

Where does that leave us in life?

One degree of course.

Who really knows where we will be 5, 10, 20 years,

When we remain 1 degree or even more off.

Those small changes we don’t make because we believe they make no difference.

Or those small changes we don’t stop because of same reason.

All these add up and over time we never notice their impacts until it is too late


Notice the small changes and stay on course not even a degree off!

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