Positive Thursday – Motions


The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.

Charles Kettering

What is it about change that makes our thoughts race and the hair on our arms stand.

The slightest hint of change makes the world pause and “what if” the future.

 An article in Forbes listed that the 5 main reasons people resist change are

            • Fear of the unknown/surprise
            • Mistrust
            • Loss of job security/control
            • Bad timing
            • An individual predisposition towards change

After reading this list, I thought, what isn’t on this list. 

A reason that also limits our thoughts to negative results about change.

Do we know exactly who we are? Our purpose and values in life?

Do we know what our ultimate goal is that we want to accomplish.

If we are just running through the motions of life

With no foundation, purpose, or effort towards our goals.

Then I do believe what Forbes says has an impact.

Only after we think about what we haven’t done thus far.

What aren’t you doing?


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