Positive Thursday – Mirror

What we think, we see.
It is like looking into a mirror of our own mind.

Even though reflections in a mirror are absolute, we still see our perceived perfections or flaws.
When we are confident our sight is positive – we see confidence.
When our self-worth is low we only see disappointment and flaws.

One of my favorite quotes is by Norman Vincent Peale,
“Change your thoughts and you change your world”

What does that mean?
How do you start that?

Try something different. We often get into rhythms in life.
These rhythms help us complete task without using all our efforts.
They also minimize the use of our thoughts making everything mundane.
Mundane doesn’t lead to growth.

Change a few things as small as were you are looking from.
Where you park, how you drive to work.
Seems small, seems like there isn’t any impact there.
Just try it first. Then go bigger.

Small changes, huge impact on how you are thinking.

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