Positive Thursday – What Matters to You

sunriseHave you ever heard the phrase,

“Fake it till you Make it”

Often this helps with boosting your self confidence.  

Giving you something extra, taking action Now!

How does that impact your Self-Esteem?

It Doesn’t.

An Article on Mindtools.com stated, “The competence element of self-esteem deals with how far you believe that you have the skills and abilities you need to succeed in areas that matter to you.”

What Stands out in this definite, “Areas that matter to you.”

You may be a competitive basketball player however this won’t contribute in a positive way to your self-esteem if your goal is to be an amazing writer.

Taking more action on what matters to you increases your personal self-esteem.  From there it is a chain reaction to happiness. 

Happiness is when your definite thoughts become your definite actions.

Tips for increasing your self-esteem (Mindtools.com)

  1. Think about yourself positively
  2. Take pride in your accomplishments
  3. Set Goals
  4. Be Consistent
  5. Remember that you aren’t perfect
  6. Look after your physical self 

What aren’t you doing that matters to you?


Like to know if you have low or normal self-esteem take the quick assessment here.

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