Positive Thursday – Horizon


There is a old proverb that says,

“It is always darkest before dawn”

I’m not sure scientifically how true this is.
What I do know is that the night is dark and the day is light.
Somewhere in-between there is a transition.
And in that transition is the motivation that carries us into the light.

We all have times in life where there is no light.
We feel that there is no end to our darkness.
That we will never again see the light to our happiness.
This is not true.
Our life works in the same pattern as the night and day.
Some nights are longer and harder than others.
Some days are shorter and not as joyful as others.
However at the end of the night the sun always rises.

Don’t stop, Don’t Quit, always push forward towards the horizon!

The sun will rise again!

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