Positive Thursday – Honey –

About six months ago I walked into a Best Buy, my computer was on the fritz.

I had no idea what to do, in the past Best Buy helped out a ton.

2 years back I purchased a one-time fee package for computer support.

It worked out perfectly.


With my computer messing up again I walked right in already knowing what I wanted

I wanted the package; pay once they’ll fix for a year.

The gentlemen at the Geek Squad desk smiled and ask me what I needed.

“I would like to buy the package deal that last a year, my computer has a virus”

“I bought it before and it helped me out a lot”


He could stop here, at this point he has he’s sale. I already want the package.

But no, he went on.


“Tell me about this virus”, he replies.

“Well every now again there is an issue with the time”

“Then the virus also shuts down the ability to use the internet”

“Then a scan request comes up and shows an issue with certificates”

He replies, “Honestly I don’t think that is a virus issue, sounds like something you can fix”


He opens up the tower and directs me to a small battery inside.


“This battery runs the internal clock so it keeps time whenever the computer is off”

“I think it is dead, it is causing the time to reset and causing your certificate issue”

“You don’t need our package for that”

“Just buy the battery for $4 and put it in”


And Just like that, I remembered that some people are here to help and some are here for other reasons.

He had his sale however his intention was to help not sell.

When we look passed all other intentions; and act with the intention of just being nice, helpful, and sweet to each other we will change everything!


“You attract more flies with honey than vinegar”

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