Positive Thursday – Goals


I try to stay open-minded as often as possible.

We all know this is easier said than done.

The thoughts we have on our mind create a certain focus on what we hear and see.

Like when you get a new white car and now seem to notice everyone has a white car.

We always find what we are looking for.

What are you looking for?


That leads me into this.

I seem to find inspiration everywhere.

Maybe that is just what I’m looking for.

A rap group, most people never heard of, has a saying

“Think BIG be BIG, think small be small”

Out of nowhere this saying now resonates with me.

If we don’t dream, if we don’t have purpose, if we don’t have goals,

How effectively do we find what we are looking for?

How do you measure the joy and accomplishment of your life?

Or do we just find nothing and find justification.

Set and Plan goals BIGGER than you and outside of what you thought you could every do.

Then go get them and create happiness, don’t justify uncertainty.

“People aren’t lazy.  They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them”          Tony Robbins

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