Positive Thursday – Filled

The path of Fulfillment runs through generosity.  The simple act of doing something for someone else.


Simon Sinek, author and consultant, quoted a survey that stated 90% of people don’t feel fulfilled at work.  The survey advised people were happy, excited, and proud; however, these same individuals did not feel fulfilled.  The reason also had nothing to do with pay or the work that they did.


The reason, they no longer do something for others.


Individuals get carried away in their day to day typing on their computers, just like I am now.  Running from place to place meeting deadlines and putting out fires.  At any moment we need something from others, it’s selfishly for our own individual task.  Simon defines generosity as, “Doing something for someone and expecting nothing in return.”  Not a thank you, a smile, nothing.  The only reward the joy of knowing you help another.   Yet instead we often seek a validation or don’t do for others cause we never had anything done for us.  In turn recreating a cycle of everyone for their own.  That does the opposite for a culture and work environment adding more barricades than pathways.  More distrust than trust.


Fulfillment is simply the intrinsic reward of human kindness and generosity.


I challenge myself…, everyone.  Be fulfilled, do for others!

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