Positive Thursday – Dawn

In the War of Art, by Steven Pressfield, he talks about resistance.  Resistance, the term he uses in his book, is the hater in the universe and ourselves.  Resistance throws obstacles at us.  Resistance speaks doubt into our minds highlighting our insecurities.  The intent, keep us comfortable.  Allow us a way out from failing or bringing upon ourselves temporary pain.  Resistance is the inter-bully that doesn’t want you to be better.  The path to better is difficult, fearful, and emotionally draining.  Yet once there the reward is unimaginable.

When we barely push, barely progress; resistance is calm and almost unnoticeable.  Why does it need to be persistent, we are barely pushing.

Resistance plays a balance game.  As we push further and gain momentum resistance begins his push, balancing out our progression.  Resistance opposes us equivalently as we beginning making positive changes in our lives.  We tend to question why move forward if all the forces in the world are moving against us.  The only definite path of victory over resistance is outlasting.

It is then, as we are full speed and believe we are almost at the end, that resistance is at his best.  It is darkest before dawn.  We can’t stop! Resistance will fall as we push through and succeed.  Resistance will topple like a game of Jenga.


So remember, don’t ever stop.

When you feel like you can’t go on, resistance is feeling the same way. Go harder! Go Faster!

He will give up first.

You are right there…  It’s almost dawn!

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