Positive Thursday – Art not Science


You are always unhappy when you are expecting something and it doesn’t happen.
You are always happy when you are appreciating and utilizing whatever life gives you.
So fulfillment is an art not a science.
Cause there is unlimited ways to like or unlike anything
But there are some principles
What will make your fulfilled is to grow and to give
If part of your process is growing, making you grow
You are going to be fulfilled
-Tony Robbins-

I listened to this for the first time today,
The first thing I heard was that happiness is a choice.
If that is really the case; if we are not happy what is it that we are choosing?

There are principles he said.
This means there is personal effort and discipline involved.
Again our choice to take action and grow towards fulfillment
Or find justification in not, and remain unhappy.

Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole life becomes a miracle!
-Tony Robbins-

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