Positive Thursday – Are you busy?

Are you busy?

This is one of my pet peeve questions.  For most people it is an ice breaker/being polite question you ask a person when, well, they look busy.

I thought more about the term “busy”, really what does it mean to be busy?

After some thinking and help from Tim Ferriss, author of the book 4 Hour Work Week; I realized that busy simply means active.  That action is taking place.  It doesn’t mean that any progress or productivity is happening.

When we define success and establish our goals.  We know what task will take us to these goals and which deplete our energy and take us nowhere (ie: email).  They are just simply active task.  In the book Tim made this thought provoking light bulb comment.

“Doing something unimportant well does not make it important.”

Efficiency in a task that does not lead to our desired outcome is wasted time and effort.  The answer is not to be efficient, effective is the answer.  Only take action on effective task than make them efficient.

Yet we find ourselves often overlooking the effective task because it scares or challenges us; even when we know it will yield our results.  Instead substituting that task with one we are good at, because it gives us the feeling or the thought that we are busy.

Are you being effective or just active?

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