It’s not luck – I don’t believe in that!

Why I don’t believe in luck!

Just this passed Friday and Saturday I ran 203 mile relay race.  11 amazing people and myself in 2 vans traveling from Wickenburg Arizona, down to Tonopah, up to Cave Creek, across to Fountain Hills, and then down into Mesa.  It is a very different style of running and has made me appreciate more the feeling of being part of a team and running.

I was a last minute entry to the team.  My friend hurt her calf and was not able to run.  I filled in for her and felt I did a great job representing her with her team.  The van that I was part of, van 2, had 6 amazing ladies in it.  Just amazing in all ways; they were runners, mothers, wives, friends, and just great people.  Typing this now I know how honored I am to be able to run with them and receive their amazing energy over the course of 35 hours.

Speed up to the end of the race.  I see another friend of mine that was on another team.  I told him this quick story about being trapped in a van for 35 hours with 6 amazing ladies, not girls, ladies.  He mentioned how lucky I was to be able to do that.  I looked at him and agreed.  I agreed with him it wasn’t that time to tell him

I don’t believe in Luck.

Let’s back track to 2005.  I was 25 and just picked up drinking.  I was in a part of my life where I didn’t realize who I was and what goals I would have in the future.  This was the beginning part of my life that help lead to the frustration I needed to make a change.  I was about 220 lbs and didn’t work out.  I also was on my way to being 240 lbs soon.  I think I hit that weight around 2008 or so.  I soon got frustrated in 2010 and started some small steps to changing my behaviors and connecting with my beliefs.

I remember in the first time I ran half a mile.  I was probably about 220 pounds, just from dropping 20 as I was 240 before this.  I remember that exhilaration that I had from completing that half mile.  So amazing.  It was my new beginning.  So I started.  First I started by changing my diet.  I ate chicken, brown rice and broccoli for about 6 months straight.  I did p90x every day.  I almost gave up all the drinking I was doing.  I also picked up playing golf.

Then fast forward 2 years from there.  It is now 2013.  I am about 180 pounds now.  I have been grinding for close to 3 years to change my life.  I can run 5k’s and workout often.  I am currently training for my first triathlon.  My girlfriend at the time, amazing person by the way, and myself pick up a vegan diet.  Which I still do most of till this day.  I’m active now in the OCR game, obstacle course racing.  More than just nutrition and fitness my mental game is gaining strength.  I am beginning to believe totally different.  I’m understanding the strength of the mind.  It is now of course my favorite.

I’m always been a happy person and mesh well with others quickly.  People often become fond of me.  I like to make the comment that if you hang out with my too long you won’t want to leave, which I still kind of believe, I have great energy.  I am a person that grows on you.

It is now 2015 and my fitness is amazing I’m able to run 10K’s and I have done several OCR courses that were more than 12 miles long. I just commited, with one of my new friends Cyd, to running a half in December 2015.  The road has been super long and worth it.  I follow my nutrition always, love helping others and making great connections, and make sure I enhance my mind now with not only reading but also yoga and meditation.  A friend makes a post that she can’t run her ragnar.  I step up and say I can.  I wanted to run one anyway.

The rest is history; I ran the ragnar and made amazing friends.  My friend comes to me later and says.  I had another person that wanted to run it too, who was a girl.  I knew that you could run the legs but I also wanted someone that could mesh well in a van for 30+ hours with 6 girls.  I just knew you could do it.

It wasn’t luck that put me in that van.  It was a positive attitude, a will to learn and grow; it was years of hard work and dedication.  It was not luck.  There is no such thing.

Oprah said that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  I have been quoted saying that luck is a word that the non-dedicated made to justify that they don’t get opportunities.

Either way if you continue to work while you wait – push towards those behaviors and actions that align with who you are – your opportunities will come – that is just the way it works!



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