How your body burns calories!

G.I. Joe coined the phrase, “Knowing is half the battle.”  It is widely known that if you consume less calories than you burn you lose weight.  Sounds easy enough right? Well do you know how your body chooses to burn these calories?

First let’s understand about calories.  In my own words; calories is the process your body uses to convert food into energy.  The energy your foods uses for us to perform all the task we do today and tomorrow. The Abs Diet states human body’s burn calories three ways, consuming food, exercise and movement, and basal metabolism.  Side note, this was the diet I originally started on in 2011.  It is a good foundation to start you on your way.

There are three types of energy your body uses to complete these three calorie burns. Your body converts carbohydrates, protein, and fats into calories to burn energy.  Once I began to understand how my body burned these three types of calories; I saw more results.

Think of your body as the person that is “IT” in a game of hide and seek. Fats, Carbohydrates, and Protein as the hiders.  The table below gives you a little idea on how they act in your body.

Calorie Statistics
Carbohydrate In your face, has to be in the action, refuses to hide
Protein Involved, tries to stay busy, cares about you
Fat Very Shy, Hides right away, stubborn, refuses to come out

Now if you were “IT” who would you find first?  Better yet, who would you find last?

That is the process body goes through each day.  The body right away burns carbohydrates.  The body uses this energy immediately.  Have you ever seen someone eat a candy bar and just a little while after calm down?  Sugars go immediately into the bloodstream.  Now once the body doesn’t have any carbohydrates, the body shifts to protein. Where is protein stored, in your muscle.  Your body converts your muscle into energy.   Ever see anyone that lost weight and now just looks weak and exhausted.  They burned calories but mainly all muscle calories.  Finally your body burns Fat.  The issue that we have is that your body has a continued supply of carbohydrates.  American diet is loaded with excess carbohydrates.  Humans need all three energies to survive.  What we don’t need is the excess of carbohydrates.  Because of this our bodies store fat and burn the carbohydrates.  The excess carbohydrates then get stored as well.  Stored carbohydrates is Fat.

Balance diet is the key – watch the Carbs and Fat don’t eliminate them!

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