How I got here!

It’s April 21st, 2013.   How did I get here?  I’ll go back a few years.  In 2010 I was working every day and on the weekends I was going out with my friends.  I use to kid that people called me H2 back then.  Happy Hour!  That is where I was on Friday’s after work.  Then when Happy Hour was over I would go home and get ready again.  This time it wasn’t at the bar.  I would then go out again with a different set of friends to clubs.  I think I was about 220 pounds and didn’t really have any goals or purposes.  I just knew that I went to work and then went out to have fun.

Fast forward a year, 2011.  Now I’m about 240 pounds.  A life-long friend of my dad’s passed away. About a week before I mentioned about golfing to my dad.  Well my dad’s friend used to golf all the time.  When he passed my dad was given his clubs.  My Dad comes up to me and says, “Arnold would want you to play with his clubs.”  I decided it would be good to get out and walk around.  As a kid I played soccer all the time.  I loved the positive activity that soccer made you do.  At first it was really hard, mainly because I don’t recall seeing a Saturday or Sunday morning for about two years, also because golf is not easy.

Then in March of 2011 a coworker challenged me to a weight loss competition.  Who could lose 20 pounds in two months?  I’m a personal achiever.  I’m not the person to challenge. Mainly because if you beat me I congratulate you, I don’t find motivation in competition.  She knew that.  That is why she challenged me.  She wanted a sure win.  Now that motivated me.  I accepted her challenge.  Two months later I won.  I lost 21 pounds in two months and she lost 5.  I realized at this moment more than anything, that the person I was for the past 3 years was not me.  I didn’t have a purpose each day and more than anything I was not happy.  Yeah I lost 21 pounds and now was back to 220.  I was 155 pounds about 10 years prior.  This moment is when I decided I wanted to be happy.  I didn’t know that yet however I became obsessed with action and knowledge (later I learned this is mastery and autonomy).

Today I’m 180 pounds.  I’m happy and I know why I’m happy.  It isn’t because I lost 60 pounds and maintained it.  Don’t get me wrong that helps.  Right away I had more confidence when I lost the weight.  I am happy everyday because I know who I am.  I know what my values are in life.  Pride, Passion for Learning, Passion for Achievement, Integrity and Trust, Inner-Vision, and Connections.  I know what my purpose is when I take action.  I’m vulnerable with my faults and opportunities.   Happiness, Success, Victory are results of following your values and knowing your purpose.

One of my values is connecting.  That is why I’m here today.  To share what I have learned as of today and what I will learn tomorrow.  I’ll share all information I have on nutrition, fitness, purpose, values, and happiness.  My hope is that my knowledge helps someone change their limits.  Just like I did!

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