Food of the Week – Pomegranate




Pomegranate is not your average fruit.  The name is of French Origin and means “seeded fruit”.  It has a tough exterior; the gold however, is inside.  The eatable part of the pomegranate is the red little seeds called arils.  They have a delicious taste and are even better for you.


Nutritional Fact Sheet (Nutritional Data.Com)


100 Grams – ¾ Cup of arils

83 Calories

4 grams of fiber

2 grams of protein

1 gram of fat  – (mainly omega 6 fatty acids)

Vitamin K: 21% of a daily intake

Vitamin C: 17% of a daily intake

Folate: 10% of a daily intake

(% are based on 2000 calorie diet)

Additional Benefits


Per the Men’s Health Big Book of Nutrition the pomegranate contains additional benefits along with their nutritional benefits.  The juice from the pomegranate may reduce the risk of most cancers.  The color of pomegranate comes from polyphenols.  These polyphenols are what lowers the risk of cancers.  Per Men’s Health a study done by UCLA showed the juice slowed growth of prostate cancers cells by a factor of six.


How to eat and use


Add the pomegranate seeds to salads to provide a fresh crunch and nice sweet flavor

Add pomegranate to proteins like fish, pork, or turkey

Add to your morning shake to add flavor and all the nutritional facts above.

Season – October to January

How do you like your pomegranate?

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