Quick summary of my Story!

My name is Ramon Gustin; most people call me Chachi.  My father gave me this nickname when I was an infant.  Through my childhood into my high school years I always struggled with my weight.  I think I was about 155 back then and everyone else was a lean 135.  As the years past I gained almost a hundred pounds.  2010 I hit my peak weight at 240.  This came from years of no activity, fast food, and weekends full of drinking.  More than anything it came from being lost, having zero motivation, and no purpose.  I started each day shrugging my shoulders and just seeing what was going to happen. chacfat

In 2011 and few events occurred.  I was challenged to lose 20 pounds in two months, I found motivation in the form of autonomy and mastery, and I magnified my purpose each day.  Sounds easier then it was; I sacrificed my current life style for two months.  During those two months I had more moments of achievement and happiness then that past 5 years.  I created friendships that are still going strong.  More than anything I remembered I could achieve my goals.  Basically those two months I changed my limits.  That is one of visions now on life.  Never stop challenging and changing my limits.  Now 2013 I’m 180 pounds.  I realize during the past 2 years that I have a passion for achievement and having a positive impact on others.  My passion for achievement gave me the initial motivation to lose weight.  It also helped me realize that mastery and autonomy are the most powerful motivators.  Which led to this blog.


The purpose of Changeyourlimits.com is

  • To supply knowledge on nutrition and fitness.  Knowledge is power and with knowledge you can become your own master.  Freedictionary.com defines mastery as full command of a subject of study.  When you have full command of your health you never have to be on a diet!
  • To supply the opportunity for autonomy.  Defined as the state of self-governance.  When you govern yourself you are able to make anything your own.  There are no restrictions.
  •  To shared current knowledge, research new information; with the expectation that the information helps others create their own autonomy and mastery for their health and fitness
  • To hopefully have an impact and inspire others to change their limits.  Having a passion to help others, this fulfills my values as well as helping others in times of restrictions and feeling of lost.


Have a database of information that people can reference.  This referencing gives the motivation for them to change their limits.  Impact their future and the futures of those that they can influence.  Making more people healthy and happier; living the life they want.

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